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Free casino games

It is possible to play online casino games for free or even get free bonus money to place bets at your preferred game. Just like sportsbook hand out free bets, lots of online casinos also give you some opportunities to play for free.

In this article we explore all the opportunities for free gambling at online casinos. If you want to play online casino games for free, there are quite a few ways how to do so. Although sometimes there are some strings attached to this, it is certainly possible. Especially when you are a relatively newcomer in the world of online casino gambling these free betting opportunities can be a great way to gain experience. With a bit of luck your bet in a casino using free bonus money could even win you some real money!
If you want to know more about all the opportunities of free online casino gambling, make sure you read on!



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Bet for free at casino games

There are a couple of different ways how you can play online casino games for free. Basically, you have two different options to do so. First of all, you can always play casino games in free practice or test mode. Secondly, lots of online casinos and betting sites across Africa and the wider world hand out free bonuses to their players. You can use free bonus money or free spins to play your favourite casino game for free.
We will take a look at all of these free betting opportunities at online casinos below, starting with free practice mode.

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Free practice mode

Almost all online casino games can be played for free in the so-called test or practice mode. This allows gamblers to play an online casino game for free without having to bet any of their own money. Instead of having to bet using real money, you basically use fake money or simply some unlimited credits in free test mode. That means you can play as long as you want. Of course, the downside is that you can’t actually win any money this way. However, there are many advantages of playing online casino games in free test or practice mode.

First of all, the main advantage is that the free test mode is a great way to familiarise yourself with a casino game. If you don’t know the game rules yet, the practice mode can be a great way to learn them. After all, you can’t lose any money this way! Practice your betting skills as long as you want in practice mode. When you think you are ready to start playing for real, you can then try to win some money with your bets!

Similarly, free practice mode is a great way to get accustomed to different game versions and variants. For example, the game of French Roulette has some different rules than European or American Roulette. Lots of modern-day versions might have all kinds of new features built into the game. Again, the free practice mode is a great wat to test it out and get accustomed to the game rules.
Last but not least, free practice mode also allows gamblers to try out different tactics and betting patterns. Who knows you might find the perfect casino trick to beat the house!

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African casinos with free games

There are plenty of African casinos where you can try out games in free practice mode. In particular, we recommend the following online casinos:

All of the above online casinos are fully licenced and accept African gamblers. If you live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or another African country, you are more than welcome to sign up at any of these online casinos. They offer a wide variety of casino games from video slots to table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette.
If you want to learn more about these online casinos, do check out the reviews we wrote of them. In these casino reviews we list the pros and cons of each of these betting sites. We also tell you more about the available payment methods, withdrawal times, customer service quality and much more!

Use a bonus for free casino games

Another way to play online casino games for free is by using a casino bonus. Lots of online casinos in Africa and across the world hand out such bonuses! Bonuses are given to newly registered players as part of a welcome bonus package, while loyal players are rewarded with frequent bonus deals as well. Using a bonus can certainly be highly rewarding as it allows you to play with a lot more money than you might be able to afford yourself.

The bonus which is most interesting for the majority of casino players is the welcome bonus, which we will discuss now.

Welcome bonus

One of the most popular ways to play for free in an online casino is to use bonus money. The welcome bonus usually gives you the biggest amount of bonus money. This bonus is given to people who sign up for the first time at a specific online casino. Although the welcome bonus is limited to one per person per casino, you can sign up at as many online casinos you want to claim multiple bonuses.
The height of the welcome bonus differs from casino to casino. African betting sites usually have a casino welcome bonus of around $50 to $100 (or the equivalent in your local currency). Big international casino brands can have much higher welcome bonuses. It’s not uncommon to see a casino offering you a welcome bonus package worth $500 or more in bonus money. However, these online casinos do not always accept players living in Africa and might not always offer the most convenient payment methods that are most widely used in African countries.

A casino welcome bonus package can exist out of the following two types of bonuses:

Deposit bonusFree spins bonus

We’ll explain both of them below and show how you can use them to play online casino games for free.

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Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is an amount of bonus money which is given to you for free if you make a qualifying deposit. Usually, online casinos advertise these deals by mentioning a percentage and a maximum amount of bonus money you can get from the offer. For example, a casino might have a deposit bonus of 100% of up to $100. Simply put, that means the casino will match your deposit with some free bonus money! If you deposit $50 from your own money, the casino will give you another $50 in bonus money for free. To receive the maximum amount of bonus money of $100, you need to deposit 100 dollar to your casino account. In this example you would thus start gambling with a bankroll of $200 – of which $100 is your own money and $100 the bonus money you got for free from the casino!

Of course, the higher the maximum bonus amount is and how higher the percentage, the better the bonus deal is. A deposit bonus of 200% up to $100 means that the casino will double your deposit. To get the maximum bonus amount of $100, all you need to do is to deposit $50 of your own money.
As you can see, you can get quite a lot of free money by using a deposit bonus, allowing you to play casino games for free. If you happen to win some money, you can of course keep the cash.

Free spins bonus

Another popular promotional deal which often is part of a welcome bonus package is the free spins bonus. It’s very common to see online casinos advertise a welcome bonus package in which you can get both a deposit bonus and some free spins. Free spins can be given in two different ways:

No-deposit bonusDeposit bonus

Free spins as a non-deposit bonus means that you will be credited the free spins without having to deposit money first. This is most commonly found after you have completed the registration process at a casino. More common are however free spins which are part of a deposit bonus. In order to receive the free spins, you must first make a qualifying deposit.

For example, a casino can give you 100 free spins on the Book of Dead video slot if you make a deposit of at least $50. If you make deposit this money into your online casino account, the free spins will be automatically credited to your online casino account. Of course, you can keep the money which you might win with these free spins! If you happen to be unlucky and don’t win anything with your free spins, then nothing is lost. At least you gave it a try and will hopefully be more lucky next time!

You can get the most free spins when they are part of a deposit bonus deal. It’s not very common to get a big amount of free spins as part of a non-deposit bonus as usually these deals are capped at a maximum of 10 or 20 free spins only.

Bonus terms and conditions

It’s important that you always read the bonus terms and conditions. Any casino bonus comes with such terms and conditions regardless of the size of the casino or bonus deal, the country in which it is based, or the casino’s reputation. Although you can certainly play online casino games for free with bonus money and hopefully win a big prize, you can’t immediately withdraw the bonus money. If that would be possible everyone in the world would sign up for a casino account, grab the bonus and cash out immediately!

One of the most important terms and conditions which you should understand are the wagering requirements. This is usually shown as a multiplication factor such as x20, x30 or x40. The average wagering requirements at online casinos is usually x35 – anything higher is considered to be strict and more harder to complete, while anything lower is considered to be more customer-friendly.
Basically, wagering requirements of x30 means that you need to wage the bonus money 30 times in order to cash it out. If you get a casino bonus of $100, you need to place bets of a total amount of $100 x 30 = $3000 before you can withdraw the free bonus money and any of the winnings derived from it.
You should also check carefully if there are any casino games which are excluded from bonus money play or from the wagering requirements. For example, it’s fairly common that bonus money cannot be used in the live casino. Games with a low house advantage like blackjack are usually excluded from the wagering requirements or only count for 10% towards it. It differs from casino to casino, so it’s important that you always check the wagering requirements carefully.

African casinos with the best bonus deals

There are plenty of online casinos in Africa where you can get a great welcome bonus. These casinos have both attractive deposit bonuses as well as free spins bonus deals. In particular, we recommend the following online casinos and betting sites if you are in search of a great welcome bonus:



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All of the betting sites above are fully licenced and accept players from all over Africa. If you live in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or another African country, you can sign up at these online betting sites and grab a great casino bonus deal. You can use the bonus money to play any kind of casino game you want. Whether you want to play card games like blackjack or poker, table games such as roulette, or perhaps some video slots, it is all possible. Of course, you can also receive some free spins which you can use on some of the most exciting slots machines!
With a bit of luck, the bonus money will help you to win a big prize in the casino!


There are a couple of ways how you can play casino games for free. The most traditional way is by playing casino games in free practice mode. Although you cannot win any money this way, it is a great way to learn the game rules or practice your skills. Besides, it also allows you to try out a few different tactics or betting patterns. If you think you mastered a casino game, you can try playing for real and winning some money!

Another way to play online casino games for free is by using bonus money. Lots of online casinos hand out free spins or free bonus money. This is most commonly done as part of a welcome bonus package given to newly registered players. If you sign up at a new betting site or casino, always check whether a bonus deal is available! Although you can use bonus money to play online casino games for free, make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions. In those terms and conditions you can learn more what you need to do before you can withdraw the bonus money.

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