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Sportsbook and Online Casino Registration

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Registration and signing up an online account is the first step you need to complete before you can start betting at a casino or sportsbook. However, this can sometimes be a challenge for gamblers in Africa.
Some online casinos and sports betting sites might have implemented restrictions and exclude African players. Others might demand all kind of personal information which is not always possible to provide when you live in Africa. In this article we therefore take an in-depth look at the registration process at online casinos and sportsbooks. What are the best casinos and sports betting sites where you easily sign up when you live in Africa? What kind of issues could you face and how do you solve them? We’ll answer it all in this article – so if you might face a problem with registration and can’t sign up at a sportsbook or casino we hopefully will be able to help you!


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Casino and sportsbook registration

If you want to gamble online, you will have to register first at an online sportsbook or casino. Registration simply means that you have to make an online account on the betting site in question and to fill in some personal details. There are a couple of reasons why this is necessary:

Ensure the player’s deposited money is safeTo make sure any gambling profits will be paid out to the right personFor the casino to have the necessary contact information how to notify the playerTo ensure that no underage persons are gamblingPrevent money laundering, abuse

These are some of the main reason why it’s important for a sportsbook or casino to have your personal details. As you can see, it is not only important for the betting site to have your personal details, but it’s also vital for you that you ensure you give them the right information. After all, you want to be sure that the deposited money on your account is safe and that you get paid out correctly if you ask for a withdrawal. Besides, you want to ensure that the casino can contact you in case it’s needed.

What personal details you have to give during registration

It depends on the betting site you use what kind of personal details and information you have to give during registration. The main reason why there are such differences has to do with the country where the betting site is based and licenced. Sports betting sites and online casinos have to oblige to national gambling laws – which sometimes dictates what kind of information they are required to ask from their customers and what they need to verify.

Among others, these are some of the most likely bits of information and personal data you have to provide when registering at an online sportsbook or casino:

Full nameDate and place of birthHome address and country of residenceTelephone numberEmail address

Copy of your passport or any other identification document

Again, what you have to fill in on the online registration form to sign-up at an online casino or sportsbook and to create an account depends on the individual betting site. At some betting sites it’s an easy process which just takes a few minutes only, while at others it’s a bit more lengthy and complicated.

Mistakes people make with sportsbook registration

It’s important that you are honest when you fill in a sportsbook or casino registration form and give the correct personal data. Make sure you read over it to ensure that all data is correctly provided before you submit it. There is perhaps nothing more important than making sure you write down your name right. With this we mean that it should match exactly with your name as written on your passport or any national identity card. You should never use an alias or nickname instead of your real name when asked to provide it by a sportsbook or casino. This can cause huge problems at a later stage when you ask for a pay-out of your gambling profits.

A casino or sportsbook always has the right to verify your personal details. That means they can ask you to prove that you really are the person who you said you are during registration. A common way to do this is for a casino or sportsbook to ask you for any identification document on which your name and a picture of you is visible. You can either submit this by email or online at the website, although sometimes it is also common for the sportsbook to initiate a video call in which you are asked to show the document next to you on camera.

This is a measure which is taken to ensure that everyone plays under their own name and no underage persons are gambling. It also ensures that any winnings will be paid out to the person to who it rightly belongs to. As you can see, it also helps to protect your money against fraudsters!
The basic point is that you should never lie when providing personal data. Always be honest and give your real information!

Residence issues

Similarly, you always have to be honest too when you have to enter your country of residence. A lot of sportsbooks and online casinos have restrictions for certain countries. That unfortunately means they may not allow people from certain countries to register an account. Again, this is mostly due to national gambling laws to which these betting sites have to adhere. Especially for African gamblers this can be an issue, as there are quite a few international sports betting sites and online casinos where you can’t sign up if you live in certain countries in Africa.

Don’t think you can outsmart the system by providing a fake address and listing another nation as your country of residence. In the same way, you should also never use a VPN or online proxy to dodge country blocks and hide your true location.

In the terms and conditions of every sportsbook and casino it’s written that you have to provide all personal data truthfully. Giving false information can lead to the closure of your online account and any money on it being impounded. A sportsbook or casino will certainly find out if you provided false information during registration. If you ask for a withdrawal of your gambling profits, they might ask you for proof of residency. So make sure you are always honest and truthful! If your country if excluded at a sportsbook or casino you shouldn’t despair as there are lots of other betting sites you can use.

Possible problems with registration

Although registration is usually a simple process, gamblers in Africa can face some issues during the process. This is most common at big international sportsbooks and casinos which aren’t tailored to the local situation and life in many African countries.

For example, one issue which African gamblers can face is that they don’t have an address to provide. In many African countries, there simply aren’t any formal street names and house numbers. This can be solved by either providing a rough description based on a nearby landmark or by providing the name of your neighbourhood if you need to provide this information. However, we would recommend you in this case not to use such a sportsbook or casino and to use another one instead. With most African sportsbooks and casinos it’s enough to provide a phone number and email address.

Another issue can arise if a sportsbook or casino may ask you for bank or credit card details. Again, certainly not every gambler in Africa has a bank account or credit card. Many people in Africa use local payment methods such as mobile money, USSD or e-wallets to deposit or receive cash. If you don’t have a bank account or credit card, we recommend you to choose one of the big African sports betting sites and casinos and not one of the worldwide sites based in Europe or somewhere in America.

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How to solve casino and sportsbook registration issues

If you face an issue during registration, you may have to contact the help desk of the sportsbook or online casino in question. This is why it’s important to select a betting site with a good customer service. Preferably, you should select a sportsbook or casino which can be reached by email, phone and live chat.
Many African betting sites have dedicated telephone numbers inside the countries on the continent where they are active in. For example, many Nigerian betting sites have Nigerian help desk lines you can call while in Ghana you can of course contact a Ghanaian phone number. Some of the bigger sports betting sites even have offices in the main cities across Africa. This is why you should always check in advance how easy it is to contact a betting site!

If you play at a big global online casino or sportsbook, it is unlikely that they have a dedicated African phone number. That doesn’t mean they have a bad customer service. In fact, many have an excellent reputation for customer care. However, you should make sure that you can contact these betting sites by e-mail or live chat. The last thing you want is that the only way you can contact such sites is by calling an expensive land line in Europe.

The best online casinos and sportsbooks in Africa

If you are looking for a sportsbook or online casino which you can use if you live in Africa, we recommend the following betting sites. All of these betting sites welcome African players and have an easy registration process. Creating an account is super quick and easy! These top African sportsbooks and online casinos are:



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Of course, all of these betting sites are fully licenced and have a great reputation across Africa. From Nigeria to South Africa and from Kenya to Ghana, hundreds of thousands of gamblers use these betting sites on a daily basis. Depositing and withdrawing money is fast and simple as payment methods are tailored towards African players. You can always find a local payment method that suits you. Most of these betting sites offer both an excellent sportsbook for all your sport bets as well as online casino games. With just one account you therefore have access to a lot of gambling options!
Upon registration you can get a great welcome bonus at these betting sites. New players are given a deposit bonus if you want to play online casino games at these betting sites, or free bet coupons if you want to bet on football or another sport at their sportsbook. Read our betting site reviews if you want to learn more about these quality sportsbooks and casino websites!


Before you can start to use a sportsbook to bet on sport matches or play online casino games, you have to complete your registration first. Normally this process is straightforward, although it can pose a few challenges for players living in Africa. With our registration tips you can hopefully circumvent these problems.

We recommend you to use the African betting sites that are listed on this page. These are all fully licenced sports betting sites and online casinos where you are more than welcome to sign up, no matter where you live in Africa. Newly registered users can even claim a great welcome bonus in the form of bonus money or free sports bets. If you want to learn more about these sports betting sites, take a look at our sportsbook and casino reviews.

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