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Video Slot Tips to win more with online gambling

In this article you can find some great video slot tips and tricks which might come handy if you love slots but struggle to win any money. Video slots are enormously fun to play but at times it can be hard to understand how they work. However, knowing how video slots is vital if you want to win some money or mitigate your losses.

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Our video slot tips

There are numerous ways how you can improve your video slot skills and knowledge. Our video slot tips and tricks basically come down to these 3 key aspects:

Understanding how video slots work.Using in-game video slot features to your advantage.Play according to your limits.

Let’s take a look at our first few tips, which have to do with the way how video slots actually work and how winning spins are determined.

Return to Player

They key data point of video slots is the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return to Player and shows what the expected return of the video slot is when placing some bets. The RTP percentage of a video slot is always below 100% as a number above it would mean that a casino would make a loss on their slot! If that would be the case, video slots would of course not exist as it wouldn’t be profitable for the casino to run them. As in every other casino game, also video slots have an in-built house edge which means that more players will lose than the number of players who will win some money.

All certified video slots made by reputable software studios will have their RTP percentage published. You can always find it back in the information or settings tab in the menu of a slot. For example, a certain video slot might have a RTP of 98%. This means that for every $100 worth of bets being placed, on average $98 is returned to players for winning spins they placed. This is an average number. It doesn’t mean that when you are betting $100 you win exactly $98 and thus make a $2 loss on your spin. RTP is calculated as the average result over millions and millions of spins and must be seen as a long-term number.

Interpreting RTP

Although RTP doesn’t say much when it comes to your short-term chances at a video slot, you can still use this data point to your advantage. One of the most basic video slot tips is to compare RTP percentages of different slots. This way, you can avoid the slots with the lowest winning chances. Remember, the closer the number is to 100%, the better your winning chances are when playing the slot. We think that a good RTP for a slot is 97 to 98%, while anything above is exceptionally good.

One big exception to the rule are jackpot slots. Although these jackpot slots typically have a below-average RTP of around 93-94% and may not be the best if you are chasing small winnings, they can still be worth playing for those seeking big jackpot wins. After all, the reason why progressive jackpot slots have a sub-par RTP is that they need to compensate for their big jackpots – which can easily run into the multiple millions of dollars.

Volatility of Video Slots

Another important factor which you need to take in mind if you want to understand video slots is that they can have a different volatility. Generally speaking, video slots can either be highly volatile, medium volatile (average) or have a low volatility. This has to do with how video slots are programmed. To be precise, it has to do with how often they will give a winning combination when you spin the reels.
It’s easiest to have a winning spin at video slots with a low volatility. However, although more spins of your spins might be giving you a winning combination on average, the amount you win will likely be low. Getting a winning combination at high volatility slots will be much harder and you may have to wait many spins in a row until the reels show a winning combination. However, when this finally happens, chances are that the amount of money you win will be much higher than you’d get at a low volatility slot.


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How to interpret volatility

Volatility does not say anything about the money you win or your winning chances. Whatever the volatility is, you can win an equally big amount of money or lose an equally big amount of money. However, understanding volatility is vital. When playing a low volatility slot, you must realise that despite having a winning spin often, you may still lose quite some money as the bet you place for each spin may cost you more money than you actually win. The other way around, you must understand that it is normal that at times you have to wait long at a high volatility slot to get a pay-out, so don’t despair if the first 10 or 20 spins still don’t get you a win!

One of our video slots tips therefore is playing high volatility slots with lower bets. If you play with a bet per spin which is too high, your money might be finished before you finally get one of those rare winning spins. With a quick Google or by playing video slots in the free test mode you can easily find out whether a certain video slot has a low or high volatility. This way, you can set your expectations accordingly.

In-game video slot tips and tricks

Our second category of video slot tips and tricks have to do with the in-game settings and configuration. As this is dependent from video slot to video slot, we of course cannot give precise tips and can only generalise a bit here. However, there are a couple of video slot tips and tricks which work for a great majority of slots. Let’s take a look at two of them!

Tips for video slot configuration

Each video slot often has multiple settings you can configure. Indeed, before you start playing you are highly advised to run through all the settings and configure your video slot to your preferences. Although some settings (sounds, graphics etc.) won’t impact the game itself, others do. These are settings like bet size, amount of pay lines (also called win lines) you want to use and coins per line. These settings in particular can have a major impact on the game.

There is perhaps no single setting more important than the amount of pay lines you want to play on. Although not every video slot allows you to configure this setting as they come with a fixed amount of lines you must play on (usually 15 or 20 for modern-day slots), many others do allow you to change this.
Of course, playing on with just one line (usually the horizontal line running straight through the middle of the slot) will be cheaper than playing on all the pay lines. If your bet is 10 cents per line, your total bet would be just $0.10 if you play on a video slot with a single pay line activated, but would be $2 per spin if you play on a slot with all the lines of a 20-pay line slot activated ($0.10 multiplied by 20 = $2 total bet per spin). Although this is more expensive to play, your chances of having a winning combination do rise significantly.

We are not saying that one way is necessarily better than the other. However, you should note that it can impact a slot’s volatility even more and change the gameplay.

Bonus-buy feature

A lot of video slots come with an in-game bonus-buy feature. Normally, you need to unlock this bonus feature by hitting the right combination on your video slot. Usually, that means you need three (or more) scatters to appear on the reels of your slot. You will then unlock the bonus game in which you get a number of free spins, where normally the biggest prizes can be won and the most advantageous extra bonus functions appear. Of course, that means that unlocking such a free spins bonus feature can be quite hard and it might take you some time until you finally manage.
This is where the bonus-buy feature might come in handy. With this function, you can basically “buy” your way into the free spins bonus feature by placing a side bet. Usually, this side bet is 50 to perhaps 100 times your normal bet per spin. For example, if you play for $1 per spin, the bonus-buy feature of a certain slot might cost you a $50 bet. If you place this bet, you will however directly gain access to the free spins bonus round with all its big money prizes and extra functions and features!

The key is of course that you now need to get at least $50 worth of winning combinations in order to get a profit. It might look nice if you win $30, but as your bonus-buy bet was $50 that’s still a $20 loss. However, it is often the case that the bonus-buy feature has a higher RTP (Return to Player) rate than you would have if you play normal spins on a video slot. You can always find this information in the information or settings tab of a video slot. It can therefore be worth it!


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Video slot playing limit tips

The last of our video slot tips and tricks has to do with your own playing limits. A lot of people make unnecessary big losses while playing video slots – and this is often entirely preventable.
Before you start to play on a video slot, you need to determine your budget. How much money do you want to spend on gambling? And perhaps more importantly, how much money can you spend on gambling? All the money you are planning to spend in an (online) casino must be money which you can freely spend. Basically, that’s money that you have as surplus at the end of the week or month after having paid for all rents, utilities, bills, food and other important expenditures. Never spend money in a casino you cannot afford to lose. Also, never play in a casino expecting to win money to pay for such expenditures. Although a win in a casino can indeed mean getting some much-needed extra money, you shouldn’t count on this as more people will lose than will actually win.

Bet per spin

When you have a budget in mind, you can now determine how much you can bet on a video slot. If your budget is $30, you should note that playing with a $3 bet per spin could theoretically mean that you’d be out of cash after 10 spins. If that’s fine for you, it’s not a problem! However, we would advise you to play more spins as you have more chances of actually getting a big winning combination or unlocking a bonus feature. Let’s say you have a $30 budget and play with a $0.30 bet per spin, you will have at least 100 spins on the video slot before you run out of your budget.

Budgeting therefore is a great way to be assured of a certain number of spins. By knowing your own playing limits, it’s also easier to know when you should stop playing. Once you reach your own upper playing limit – you should definitely stop playing and not continue thinking you can undo your losses by hitting a big win later on. Most likely, it will only lead you to rake up even bigger losses. Self-control is absolutely vital and a good video slot players knows when to call it a day.

House edge

Of course, we cannot guarantee you that our video slot tips and tricks will help you win the jackpot. The reality is that just like any other casino game, video slots have a built-in advantage for the casino. This is called the house edge or house advantage. Although that means that more players will lose money than the number of players who will win some cash, it doesn’t mean that you cannot win some big amounts of money on a video slot. There are plenty of people who have won some big amounts of money on slots! Progressive jackpot slots even have paid out jackpots of well over $10 million to a couple of lucky winners around the world!

In the end, the factor that still matters most is sheer luck. And not a single tip, trick or special setting or tactic will ever change that.


With our video slot tips and tricks you can hopefully improve your knowledge about these fun machines a bit. With a bit of luck, they might even help you improve your playing results, get you a nice little win, or at the very least help you mitigate your losses on a bad-luck day. Take in mind that in the end, video slots still evolve around the factor luck given that the result of each spin is generated completely at random. There is now way to predict whether you will win or lose. That makes video slots so exciting and fun to play!

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