What Is an Acca Bet? Accumulator Bets Explained

What is an Acca Bet?

The accumulator bet, which in everyday speech is called an ‘acca’ by most gamblers, is one of the most popular sports betting options across Africa. If you are new to sports betting the acca might be a bit more difficult to understand than a simple bet on a single match. However, creating an accumulator bet is actually super simple and there are many reasons why an acca is a much better betting option.

In this article, we explain all you need to know about accumulator bets. Besides explaining what these kind of bets actually are, we will also show you how you can construct the best possible accumulator bet! We also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of an acca bet.

If you love sports gambling and want to place a winning bet you should definitely learn all about accumulator bets. Especially punters who love to bet on football matches will like this bet type. The same counts for those who are searching for high betting odds while still maintaining a decent chance of winning. So let’s find out more about accumulator bets and how they can help you win a nice pay-out on your next sports bet!


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What is an Acca bet?

An acca – short for accumulator bet – is one of the most popular bets you can place on football and other sports matches. Simply put, an acca is one single bet on the outcome of several matches that you select yourself. For example, you can combine all weekend matches in the English Premier League into one single accumulator bet. Instead of predicting just a single match, you have to predict all matches right. If you predict the winner, loser or final result of just one match wrong – you will loose your entire bet.
You don’t need to be a betting expert to see both the immediate advantages and disadvantages of an accumulator bet. The biggest disadvantage is that placing a winning bet is much harder comparted to a bet on a single match. After all, you need to predict all the matches in your acca right in order to win the bet. If your accumulator bet exists of 10 matches you may very well predict 9 right, but if the last match is wrong you will loose your bet after all!

However, also the advantage becomes quickly clear. While a bet on a single match might have low odds and would get you a pay-out of 3 or 4 times your bet at most, an acca helps you achieve high odds rather easily! It’s not uncommon for accumulator bets to have odds from anything in between 20/1 up to 1000/1 or even higher! For many sports betting punters this is the main reason why they prefer an acca bet: It’s the best compromise between decent odds and a decent possibility of actually placing a winning bet.

How to create an acca

Most major African sports betting sites – as well as the big international sportsbooks – allow you to create your own acca. You simply select the matches you want to bet on and add them to your accumulator bet ticket. It’s up to you whether you just want to predict whether a match ends in a win, loss or draw, or if you perhaps also want to predict the result of a game. The sportsbook will automatically calculate the odds of your entire accumulator bet once you are finished. When you are done, you can simply pay and place your bet – and hope for the best!

Of course, it depends on the individual sportsbook how easy the entire process is. Some sports betting websites have an easy-to-use platform and are amazingly simple to navigate, while others might be a bit harder to browse through if you are new to sports betting and a certain sportsbook.
The fun thing about creating an acca is that you can play around with it as long as you want. By all means, add matches to your ticket, delete some from it, change the results! You will see that with every change you make, the betting odds will automatically be updated as well. We highly advice you to play around as long as you need until you are satisfied with both your odds as well as your match predictions.

Best African sportsbooks

If you want to place an acca bet, there are a number of great sportsbook in Africa where you can do so. At this moment, these are the African sportsbook for accumulator bets:

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All these African sportsbook are fully licenced and have a great reputation among gamblers across the continent. Millions of people use these websites on a daily basis to full satisfaction. You can expect a large library of sports matches on which you can bet, easy deposits and fast pay-outs at these African sports betting sites. Try them out yourself and experience the best of sports betting in Africa!

Different accumulator bets

Let’s get back to accumulator bets again. Although most people make an acca of different football games which are played on a certain match day, it’s also possible to include other bets. For example, you could create an acca bet which includes 8 Champions League matches. However, if you want you can also add other kind of bets to it. Let’s say that besides predicting the outcome of certain matches you also want to predict the goal scorers or other match data points. All of that is entirely possible at most sports betting websites! The sky is really the limit.

An example of an acca bet on Champions League

Man City vs PSG: Home side to win
AC Milan vs Dortmund: Home side to win
Barcelona vs Bayern Munich first goal scorer: Robert Lewandowski
Rangers vs Atletico Madrid: Draw
Barcelona vs Bayern Munich: Away side to win
Ajax vs Juventus: Away side to win
Real Madrid vs Liverpool first goal scorer: Sadio Mané
Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Draw

You can even include bets on other match details such as total yellow or red cards, first player to be booked, around which minute the first goal is scored and much more. Of course, all of the components in your acca bet need to be predicted right in order for you to win your bet!

Acca bet tips

If you are not sure which matches you should include in your acca bet or cannot manage to create a bet with satisfying odds, there are plenty of ways to get help and advice. There are a lot of sports betting sites on the internet with daily or weekly examples of acca bets which you can instantly copy to your bet slip. Of course, you don’t have to bet on the suggested acca and can always change a few parameters. You can always include one or two different matches or perhaps you simply disagree on some of the predictions. By all means, change a match or two if you want and predict different results! The odds may change slightly when you make these changes.

At Africa Casino Hub, our in-house experts regularly provide you with sports betting tips and advice, including the best accumulator bets tips. Our experts know where you can find the best odds for your acca bet and can give some pretty good match predictions too! Of course, you should always follow your own intuition and treat tips – whether its from our website or some other page – as purely advisory. In the end, you are betting your own money so you should always make the final decision about your bet!

Best sports betting sites for acca bets

If you want to try placing some accumulator bets, there are a couple of great sports betting sites in Africa where you can do so. In particular, we recommend the following fully licenced African sports betting sites:



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If you are unfamiliar with one of these sports betting sites, read the reviews we wrote about them! In these sportsbook reviews you can learn more about the pros and cons of each sports betting site. You can learn more about the different bets you can place, the available payment methods, how fast withdrawals are processed and how good the quality of the customer service is.
These sports betting sites also allow you to place a number of different bets besides accas. If you want to place a simple bet on a single match that’s of course possible too! Or try your hand at live betting during a match, which certainly is exciting as well. If you get tired of sports betting, there are also online casino games you can play or online lottery draws you can participate in. Just like sports betting, you can also win some money there with a bit of luck!

Claim your acca bet bonus!

If you sign up at one of our recommended sportsbook you should not forget to claim your welcome bonus! Most sports betting sites have a special welcome bonus for newly registered users. If you have never used one of these sportsbooks before and create an account, you can therefore claim a great bonus. This is most often a free bet bonus worth a certain amount of money. Usually the bonus height is around $50 to $100 (or the equivalent in your local currency) for African users. You can use the free bet bonus in any way you like! It is also possible to use your free bet coupon to create your own acca. However, make sure you always read the bonus terms and conditions to find out if there might be any special rules.

Some sportsbooks also have special acca bonuses. For example, there are some sports betting sites where you get a free bet if you happen to predict all but one of the matches on your acca bet right. Although you just lost out on winning some money by having just one wrong prediction, at least you have the consolation of getting a free bet and the opportunity to try again another time.
It’s always well worth it to keep a close watch on the promotions/promo tabs on a sports betting site and to subscribe to their social media pages and mailing lists so you never miss out on bonus deals. Of course, whenever we find a too-good-to-miss bonus deal or free bet, you can also read it right here on our website! Therefore make sure you regularly visit Africa Casino Hub and subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter pages.


The acca bet is perhaps the most popular among sports betting fans in Africa. Especially among punters betting on football, the acca bet is perhaps the one which is most widely used. The reason why is easy to easy. An acca – short for accumulator bet – allows you to create one mega bet out of multiple matches. Although you must predict all these matches right making it harder for you to win, the big benefit is that the odds will be significantly higher. If you do happen to predict all matches on your acca right, you therefore will likely win a big sum of money. Much higher than you normally would when betting on a single match!

There are lots of ways how you can create an acca bet and in this article we shared a couple with you. We recommend you to follow the right sports betting pages for acca tips and advice. This can be helpful if you want to create an acca with extremely good odds and a fair probability of winning. Take a look at our recommended African sportsbooks if you want to try it out yourself!

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